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Which studio monitors are the best for music production in 2020?

Which studio monitors are the best for music production in 2020

Which studio monitors should you pick for music production in 2020?

You create a new track in the studio, tinker with it for hours, fine-tune everything down to the smallest detail and in the end, you realize that the mix ends up sounding completely different from what you imagined on other systems. This is not only annoying but also completely demotivating. For this reason, good studio monitors are an absolute must for any home setup when it comes to perfecting your mix. Of course, they are also suitable for many other areas of application, regardless of whether you just want to quickly implement and sketch a few ideas or want to get into a track.
Your speakers should also have a special place in your studio. However, this is a science in itself. If necessary, I will go into a separate post on how to treat your home studio acoustically. Since this buying guide is primarily aimed at beginners, I will skip this at this point.
Above all, studio monitors are there to provide you with the most realistic sound possible so that the situation described above does not happen. The models listed here convince in many ways. I made sure that there is an appropriate model on the list for every budget.
Here are the studio monitors I picked:

KRK Rokit RP7-G4

The KRK Rokit RP7-G4 are in pretty much every comparison you can find around the world wide web. And they always do damn well. No wonder. KRK’s yellow and black speakers are indeed much, if not everything, that you can hope for in your future studio monitors. They convince with great sound, a captivating price, and longevity. Especially for beginners who are simply looking for a very good all-round speaker, the Rokit are the right choice. The Rokit RP7-G4 are really a stable in every home studio.

Focal Alpha 65 6.5″

The Focal Alpha 65 are excellent mid-range studio monitors in the mid-range of the market. They are a very good choice for medium-sized home studios. Focal has been in this business forever and it shows. The company has been constantly improving its model ranges and has brought them to where they are today. The sound is often described as very well balanced. Both natural and detailed. Also, the price-performance ratio is convincing. You can get a lot of speaker for a reasonable price.

Yamaha HS5

Another classic on the list. The Yamaha HS5 is probably the most popular choice for studio monitors, besides the Rokit mentioned above. These speakers have been hailed since the 1970s for their pristine sound, which is incredibly accurate. With the Yamaha HS5, you’ll be able to quickly identify weak points in your mixes. And the best thing is, you can even get them at a relatively low price. The design is minimalistic. The Yamaha HS5s are in my opinion ideal for small home studios and don’t have any weak points worth mentioning.

Mackie XR624 6.5″

Those who like to enjoy their mix in a classic wood design can definitely do so with the Mackie XR624 6.5″. But you shouldn’t be fooled by the antiquated look. The Mackie XR624 is technically up to date despite the retro style and has been constantly improved over the years. In addition, a knob is integrated into the speaker, which allows manual room adjustment. The sound is crystal clear and reproduces the stereo image perfectly.

IK Multimedia iLoud Micro Monitor (the portable option)

If you are looking for a small speaker for a mobile setup, you will definitely find it here. Despite their size, the IK Multimedia iLoud Micro Monitors are designed to produce a realistic audio image and deliver rich sound. And that is exactly what they do. Of course, the speakers are not only suitable for mobile work, but also when your own home studio does not have a lot of space and you have to keep it to a minimum. Whether the small monitors from IK Multimedia really do provide perfect studio quality depends on your own requirements, but they are particularly suitable as a second solution or for on the road.

Adam Audio A7X

The near field monitors are the most frequently sold studio speakers at ADAM Audio. And quite rightly so. At the same time, however, they are also the most expensive models on this list and it is, therefore, questionable whether they are really entry-level speakers. The Adam Audio A7X monitors have won several awards and are praised especially for their unique sound. The test results also speak for themselves. The speakers have a large fan base and if you want to dig a little deeper into your pocket, you will get great monitors that are not only suitable for small home-studios but can also hold their own on a professional level.

PreSonus Eris E4.5 (the budget option)

Here comes the budget version! But don’t worry, the PreSonus Eris E4.5 models are far from cheap in terms of sound. The equipment of the speakers is surprisingly extensive for this price range and you can get a lot for very little money. The high-quality manufacturing is something that even many higher-priced products can look up to. The sound is more than decent and especially for beginners, I think the PreSonus Eris E4.5 studio monitors are very suitable. So if you want to get a first taste of the world of music production without having to spend a lot of money, you’ll get a great model here.


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